The Deadline to Vote for the Best CPC Game 2016 is Extended one Week

rainbowgraphics2016   As we have been informing on this site and well on different social networks (Facebook and Twitter mainly), we have called the Amstrad CPC community to choose the best games published in 2016. You can do that by selecting your favorite games from the list published in the Group Of Facebook AMSTRAD CLASSIC GAMING AND DEMOS by George Bachaelor or, alternatively, via facebook and / or twitter entries marked with the haghstag # bestcpcgame2016.

From this moment we open a third possibility: you can vote in the comments of this entry. It is worth mentioning that this POPULAR ELECTION is independent of our own choice of the best game of the year (in which we have only weighed our own criteria and whose results we will announce tomorrow on this page).


The deadline we had initially set for the POPULAR ELECTION and counting of votes just expired today at 13:00 GMT. However, the participation numbers (so far only 83 votes have been collected by all channels) indicate that it will be necessary to extend the deadline at least one more week in order to reach the largest universe of possible CPC users.

In short, the deadline for voting remains open until next Saturday January 7 at 13:00 GMT. On that day, and depending on the participation, it will be decided if the term is extended another week or if the winners are announced. The initial goal is to get a total of at least 200-300 votes in order to announce a winner.

Have a good entry in 2017 (if possible playing the best CPC games of 2016!)

Happy 2017!



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