RG Game of the Year 2016 for the Amstrad CPC

We face the last week of 2016, a hell of a year in terms of game dev for our old friend the Amstrad CPC. In the last decade, almost every 8/16 bits microcomputer has recovered a significant part of their fan base with the Amstrad CPC clearly lagging behind… Fed with small pills; mainly coming from homebrew studios like ESP Soft and, later, from the greatly acclaimed #cpcretrodev contest organized by Francisco Gallego at the University of Alicante;  many said it loud and clear: the CPC community is dead.

Nevertheless, 2016 has been a resurrection year for the CPC. A heavy rain of new titles has flooded the dry CPC landscape (especially during the second semestre). Beyond the always revitalizing cpcretrodev contest, new stars (4 MHz, Juan J. Martínez, Egotrip, Defecto Digital Estudios, RetroBytes Productions, …) have join the contemporary classics (CNG Soft, ESP Soft, Mojon Twins, etc) in the sky of the CPC. Hence, it is now time to chose the best productions published this year for our 8 bits platform. In this post I am going to list the ten candidates to be chosen as the RG Game of the Year 2016 (follow #RGnominees in twitter for more info about those games).

We have kept out of this list arcade emulators, game pre-views, and playable demos. We strongly believe that the last ones must be out of the contest until they are published in their final form (for instance, the terrific Pinball Dreams by The Batman Group). In order to build that list we have analyzed 15 games released in 2016 in six different categories: graphic, screen (single screen, screen to screen scrolling, isometric engines, horizontal scrolling, etc), levels/map design, playability, sound & music, and addictiveness. The average score for each game has been calculated but it will be only revealed next 31st December when we will announce which of them is the RG Gsme of the Year 2016 for the Amstrad CPC.

The nominees are (in alphabetical order):

Adiós a la Casta 2  (AAC2, 4MHz)

A Prelude to Chaos  (EgoTrip)

Golden Tail  (Juan J. Martínez)

Hair Boy  (Carlos Sevilla)

Hire Hare  (CNG Soft)

Ice Slider  (EgoTrip)

Magica  (Juan J. Martínez)

Outlaws  (Retrobytes Productions)

Sir Ababol 2  (Mojon Twins)

Vector Vaults  (Alberto Rodríguez)

During this weak we will publish a brief extract of the analysis of one of these games in our twitter account (@jomicamp) and next saturday (31st December) the results and our choice as the RG Game of the Year 2016 for the computer created by Alan Sugar will be revealed in this blog.


Main Menu of Vector Vaults by Alberto Rodríguez. One of the candidates to be the RG Game of the Year 2016 for the Amstrad CPC.


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